Showbox for MAC

Excitement did make you open up this article, isn’t it? Somehow, using apps which are originally meant for Android on other platforms is indeed fun as well as an experience. Showbox isn’t officially available on iPhones and MAC or iPad’s; however, there are always ways!


Before we get into the hows and what’s; let us see what the application is all about.

  • A complete source of your entertainment free of cost.
  • Watch movies and TV shows online. You don’t have to hog for them anymore. Find it all in one place.
  • Browse for whatever you wish with the search bar on the top.
  • You can either watch movies online or as well download them. Watching them is always a better option though.
  • Select the resolution at which you want to stream the videos.

After having heard so much about the application, let us begin with the tutorial on downloading them.

Showbox on MAC

As said above, Showbox APK isn’t available on play store. However, it can still be made available on your MAC with the help of an emulator. Now, if you have ever used other Android apps on your MAC, you might know what an android emulator is.

An Android emulator basically lets you run applications which are meant for Android platforms by providing an environment which is Android friendly. And, whenever we are talking about android emulators, BlueStakcs is the ultimate one.

Downloading Showbox:

  • Once the download is done, install the freeware and work it up. Also, make sure that the internet connection is regular.
  • Next, you need to download the Apk file of Showbox app to run it on BlueStakcs and then make it work on your MAC.
  • Once done, run the apk file on BlueStakcs app player and it will be installed once you click on it.
  • To visit the Showbox application, go to BlueStakcs and all apps; you will find it there.
  • Run the application and you will see it work!

That was all about it. However, you might be wondering if the application is workable on MAC, then there might be a way to make it work on iPhone and iPAd too. However, the problem is that both the devices do not work with Apk files and hence Showbox cannot be installed even via BlueStakcs.

You can always go for alternatives such as MovieBox or others present on the store!


3d tablets

3D Tablets – What are they

Today every single device is getting 3D make over. We first get to see 3D display on multimedia screens and TV. Well in both cases they were received warmly. Smartphones also get treated for 3D display like in case of HTC Evo 3D and LG Optimus 3D. We have to admit 3D effect was just more than flashy gimmick and no smartphone with 3D display could rock the stage.

3d tablets

After big screens, TVs and Smartphones, Tablets were not going to escape through 3D spell. Some biggest tech companies introduced their tablets with 3D display. Some tablets needed glasses to see the 3D content and other don’t.

Check below review on 3D tablets to get the idea about their 3D performance.

Let’s talk about first 3D tablet of LG i.e Optimus Pad. For creating 3D looking environment in its display, tablet uses the technology called parallax barrier. This is the same technology that is usually used by Nintendo 3DS. With the help of this technology, if device is in right position, you can see the content in 3D. This LG tablet can show the content both in 2D and 3D as per your choice. The size of screen is 8 inches and having resolution of 1280 x 800. To be honest, its resolution is much lower than other android tablets available in market.

Well there is not detail information about its processor available in market. It does not come with 16GB internal memory, but you can enter your microSD of your choice. It supports Bluetooth and wireless keyboard too. The drawback is that this tablet does not come with latest android version, you have to upgrade yourself. The camera is just 2 mega pixels, which is lower than even average performance android phones but it can still give good performance if a professional video editing software is used.

The only unique thing about this 3D tablet is that you get to see 3D content to some extent. And good news is that as 3D quality is not up to bench mark, you can see your content in 2D too.

There are many other 3D tablets from different manufactures; neither of them got the best review. Users are confused about the 3D performance. Well thank God they are coming with 2D format too. Watching content on big screens in 3D is pretty different than watching on just 8 inch 3D screen. To be honest, these little devices are giving headache to users is first experience. As tablets are coming without 3D glasses, you have to position tablet in right for watching 3D content. Otherwise you will get headache due to blurry and unclear content which is neither 3D nor 2D.


Samsung galaxy note 5 – Phablet with a difference

Samsung has released Galaxy S6 in response to Apple’s iPhone 6. Now tech freaks are waiting for next flagship of beast Galaxy note series. Few years back, when Korean Company came up with the idea of Galaxy note. Everyone has doubt about this phablet, as Smartphones were already introduced to the market. But this phablet has won the heart of tech lovers. Now people can’t wait when this phablet will be in their hands.


Samsung is going to release this flagship in September 2015 hopefully. There is no chance this phone will come out earlier. Tech maniacs have set high expectations from this phablet. Right now, there are only rumors about its specifications and features. But we are aware with the quality improvisation of Samsung with every product.

So let’s start digging in this phablet as per rumors and expectations. Galaxy note has made possible to satisfy all needs that can be done with tablet only. You can say Galaxy note is smartphone come tablet i.e phablet. So this smart device is gonna have stylus as its previous versions have. But interesting part for Galaxy note 5 is that stylus may be equipped with auto mechanism. It means that stylus will come out of the phablet with voice or command. So for this ejection mechanism, Samsung may add electromagnet push to push stylus out of phablet. But this mechanism will hold stylus at the same time. Obviously you won’t your stylus to get lost.

Samsung already has introduced curved screen with Galaxy note 4. It is more likely to have Galaxy note 5 with curved screen too.

Samsung has built Galaxy S6 with display of 2K means having 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. Because of this screen of Galaxy series is brighter, colorful and bold than its competitors. So Korean beast is ready to take display of Note 5 ahead with 4K resolution. If this happens so, then Galaxy note 5 will be pioneer to use such higher display quality. Obviously this will take too much power from battery and may be upset users.

There are no details available for camera. But as per rumors, Galaxy note 5 may have 16 mega pixel primary camera and 8 mega pixels front facing camera. These amazing specs will give absolutely new look to this smart device.

If these rumors and expectation will be true, then Galaxy note 5 will be the smartest device on the earth right now.


Best tablets for kids in 2015

Kids become curious about most appealing things instantaneously. They keep looking for the answers to satisfy their curiosity. Today kids are born in a tech dominating era. You cannot even think about taking kids away from technology. Trust me it is of no use.

Obviously kids feel uncomfortable using laptops or pc and you cannot afford that too. So kid friendly tablet is the answer. Tablets are smaller and smarter, easy to use. Best thing about tablets, they are easily affordable.

Check below some best tablets for kids.

Amazon Fire HD 6:


Unlike other tablets, Amazon Fire HD 6 attracts kids of all ages. Amazon Fire offers a feature that will bring complete feel and look of kid friendly tablet for just $3/month. With this subscription, interface of this tablet can made kids friendly. At the same time it gives option for parents to monitor the content available. Free time subscription makes tablet so easy to use, even kids can surf for their related topics or animation movies etc.

Check below specifications of Amazon Fire HD 6:

  • Screen Size: 6 inches
  • Operating System: Fire OS 4
  • Screen Resolution: 1280 x 800 pixels
  • Storage: 8GB
  • Memory: 1GB

LeapPad Ultra XDI:


This tablet gives tough competition to its rival Amazon Fire HD 6 due to its unique features. Well this tablet is pretty much affordable. It has more parental control than Amazon Fire HD 6. Educators and parents give preference to LeapPad Ultra XDI over other tablets in market. The main unique feature of this tablet is parental control over web surfing.

Here are the specifications of this tablet:

  • Display: 7 inches
  • Operating System: Leapfrog closed system
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 600 pixels
  • Storage: 8GB
  • Memory: 800MHz

iPad Mini:


Apple devices are little expensive than its rivals. But with iPad Mini whole family can use this tablet for various purposes. As a result, there is no need to buy a separate tablet for each family member. With iPad Mini, your kid can have experience of precious iOS and Apple store apps. iPad mini offers many parental control. For example, you can set settings in a way that only one app can be accessed by your kid. Another interesting feature is that your kid can use iPad but your iPad will save your important data from deleting.

Following are the specifications of iPad Mini:

  • Display: 7.9 inches
  • Operating System: iOS 8
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels
  • Storage: 16 GB
  • Memory: A5 Processor

Top ten websites to read for latest tech news

Technology is improvising with the pace like never before. Every single day new technology and gadgets are coming in tech markets. In past decade, whole dimensions of all markets have been changed due to technology.


Today, main niche focused by top bloggers is tech niche. Reason is simple, technology is the hot trend that is getting more interesting with time. If you are not aware of new tech rumors and news then be ready to look like fool in front of world.

So to keep you out of this misery, I have listed down some top tech blogs and websites for updated tech news.

Tech Crunch: is most popular and reliable name in tech niche. This websites owns most trusted reviews of new technology gadgets, internet portals, devices and websites. To be honest, you can trust each and every word of experts write on this websites. So before buying any new product, just go to Tech Crunch for its detail review.

The Next Web: is a trusted website for latest technology updates. It contains content which is related to technology, its scope in business and other related details. The main attraction of this website is content about next generation gadgets. You can guess its popularity with the fact that around seven million people visit this website per month.

Wired: is known for its detailed and deep content about technology along with future trends in technology. The main focus of this website includes upcoming new devices, science, entertainment, business, security devices, videos and design.

Tech2: contains detail review of upcoming new devices like tablets, Smartphones, laptops, TV, gaming devices and home theaters etc. The amazing thing about this website is featuring photos and videos about new technology.

Gizmodo: is an absolute choice for gadget lovers. This is best website for new gadgets guides. If you got any new device and don’t know how to operate. Don’t be worried, just go to Gizmodo and you will have complete guide on that device.

Mashable: is considered as best online community of tech lovers. This website has the content related to tech resources, news and information. Mashable also has great collection of videos based on technology.

The Verge: is famous for reviews about new products and their effect on society. Truly this website is real treat for tech freaks.

Digital Trends: is best website if you want to upgrade your lifestyle according to new technology. Its featuring content is about mobiles, computers, gaming devices and lifestyle products. You can also find great articles on cars, photography and music Digital Trends.

Tech Radar:

Main focus of is rating the new tablets and Smartphones. Their trending topics include new devices like tablets, laptops and mobiles.

TechNorati: has awesome content about new cloud technology, android, iOS and gadgets.